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How to shrink a huge journal archive?

2017.10.24 00:24 totheleftofwest How to shrink a huge journal archive?

Hello, hope someone can assist. I have under my control a native Exchange 2013 journaling-only database that is 5TB in size. The DB is taking up valuable space on our NetApp, and needs to be shrunk in size. We have an 18-month retention policy that successfully deletes all objects older than 18 months in all of our other databases EXCEPT this archive. I know, for a fact, that there is AT LEAST 1TB of expired messages in this box, but I can't seem to induce the Managed Folder Assistant to clear it on its own.
In order to address this, I have created a "search-mailbox" script that does a loop, and deletes messages between two date constraints (usually I do a month at a time). However, this is a manual process to change the date and run the script each time. In some cases, the script chooses not to run for a particular time period, for some odd reason which I have not determined. In addition, since the EDB won't reclaim the whitespace in the DB, we still have the full corpus of data within the DB, minus whatever I've removed manually, which is only about 250GB.
I have tried a manual execution of the MFA against the mailbox on my EX2K13 CU15 servers many times, and I have tried executing from one of our O365 hybrid EX2K16 CU6 servers, but get no progress.
So: Is there a way to force the MFA to do a full scan and clean-up of this mailbox and the storing DB? Could it be that I need to reset a flag on all the messages in the archive in order to get the data re-scanned properly?
PaulCunningham , if you want to weigh in on this, I'd gladly take your advice, or that of anyone else who can help me figure this out. Sorry if I'm not using proper ettiquitte. Thank you for your help.
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